Learn with high resolution
real life images
4D anatomy provides you a real dissection room experience with accurate real life 3D pictures. Dissect, rotate and observe real cadavers and specimens layer by layer on screen. Find and identify structures as you would do in the lab.
Have dissection room
practice on demand
Limited access to dissection room practice can lead to a huge disadvantage when it comes to medical studies. With 4D anatomy you can practice anytime, anywhere on real cadavers on screen. At your own pace.
Test your memory
with quizzes
Recap your knowledge with our built-in quiz functionality. Choose between Structure identification or Multiple Choice and test yourself on any system within the application. Find your weak spots and work on them.
There are many good tools for learning the theoretical part of Anatomy. The uniqueness of 4D Anatomy is that it is able to substitute dissection room practices, which are very limited. However, 4D is always available!
Zea Zemenszky
University of Debrecen
There are real cadavers in 4D Anatomy instead of drawings. A lot of anatomy students have just limited time in a dissection practice, 4D Anatomy can really substitute that.
Eszter Gulyás
University of Debrecen
It is an enormous help to visualize the human body preparing for an anatomy exam.
Zea Zemenszky
University of Debrecen
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