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4D Interactive Anatomy offers both personal and site-wide subscriptions


Who uses 4D Interactive Anatomy?

Our individual users range from educators and medical, dental and allied health students to postgraduates and medical professionals – such as surgeons looking to refresh their anatomy knowledge in preparation for a difficult or new procedure. Our Institutional users range from medical schools, libraries and universities around the world.

Personal Subscription

Cloud based – access on iPad, Laptop, Computer – 12 month subscription : $99*

* Personal Subscription EU customers will be charged VAT at their local rate

Academic Group Subscriptions

Interested in a site license for your department, library or university/ college?

Students & Individuals

With 4D Interactive Anatomy, you’re not just in the front row of a dissection, you’re in control of it.

4D Interactive Anatomy – better than being there

You decide what you want to study, when you want to study it and for how long. And because 4D Interactive Anatomy’s imagery is based on photography – not animated computer models – you’ll be navigating your way through human anatomy in the most realistic way possible.

This cloud-based dissection simulation resource allows you to tilt, rotate, manipulate and dissect real human specimens and to blend or peel away layers as if you’re attending or presenting an actual dissection. However, 4D Interactive Anatomy takes the learning experience to another level by giving you control over every image, every viewing angle, every stage of dissection and the time you need to take it all in.

So, whether you’re a first-year medical or dental student, a postgraduate or a surgeon looking to refresh your knowledge or move into a new specialism, get the most realistic learning experience possible with 4D Interactive Anatomy.

  • 24 interactive dissection modules covering the human body
  • Over 2000 quiz questions
  • More than a million high res images taken of 20 cadavers
  • Content added regularly at no extra cost
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Books and real life are surprisingly different. 4D Anatomy is the best choice for learning anatomy.

It is totally like a dissection room practice, you can see and even rotate real cadavers.

It is rotatable, which enables to see formulas from several directions. So it is much easier to see through the human body with 4D Interactive Anatomy.

It is much better to go to an anatomy class if you prepared in advance. 4D Interactive Anatomy is always there and perfect for preparing and studying anatomy.

4D Interactive Anatomy for faculty and academic groups

With 20 dissection modules covering all regions, over 2,000 structure labels and more than 1,000,000 hi-res images that you can export into learning materials, 4D Interactive Anatomy is your indispensable cloud-based anatomy resource.

The 4D Anatomy technology is a significant advancement in the area of virtual anatomy representing the next generation in both learning and research environments.

Dr. Robert Spetzler, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, AZ, USA

You and your team have created a tremendous product for anatomy education. Very impressive. Your many years of hard work show. I can see the possibility of replacing standard cadaver anatomy (and all it’s inherent challenges) with 4D.

Professor, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University

It is rotatable, which enables to see formulas from several directions. So it is much easier to see through the human body with 4D Interactive Anatomy.

Academic Features

Optional tools let you set and monitor quizzes for enhancing the learning experience and evaluating your students’ progress.

Use your 4D Interactive Anatomy Academic Group subscription with content management to:

  •  Access our extensive – and growing library 24/7
  • Create stunning presentation materials
  • Complement existing course materials
  • Create and manage quizzes
  • Share and distribute learning content
  • Manipulate and export images to suit your exact needs
  •  Search structures and add labels
  • Embed content into course materials, and much more.
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