Interactive dissection 

  • Self-paced learning
  • Study anatomy anytime and anywhere
  • View on tablets, iPad, notebooks desktops
  • Always get access to latest

Intuitive image navigation and image manipulation features

  • Dissect real cadavers on screen
  • Tilt, rotate and dissect real specimens
  • Find structures
  • Zoom, rotate image 
  • Export images into your own presentations

Structure projection and layer blending

  • Project structures to the skin to study orientation and position 
  • Blend layers to reveal hidden anatomic relations

Structure search and structure identification

  • Search and find structures of various modules
  • Hover over images to identify structures in Label view


  • Solve random quizzes
  • Get immediate evaluation and check answers

Course syllabus view

  • Study syllabus
  • View embedded videos and presentations of high resolution color labeled images