4D Interactive Anatomy puts you in control of navigating through and learning from real photographic anatomy on any screen.


A: Either via an IP address or IP range or with a login and password for multiple users.
A: Yes you make use any of the images for educational use, classwork, presentations etc. For commercial use please contact us for pricing.


A: “Sign up” is required once to create an account at 4danatomy.com. “Log in” (username and password) required to gain access to your account. There are special features such as taking quizzes in classroom settings, and home-use when login is mandatory. We encourage all users to register in general to exploit all functionalities 4D Interactive Anatomy has to offer.
A: If you are on campus you will be able to access the content without logging in, however if you want to use it off site you will need to login. Also if your Professor sets quizzes for you login is required to access these