4D Anatomy Online offers 40 interactive regional, cadaver based dissection simulation modules covering the entire human body.

Over 2000 structure labels help to identify anatomic structures.

The entire 4D Anatomy dataset offers more than a million high-resolution images that may be exported and built into presentations.


  • 4D Anatomy Online is available 24/7 
  • Latest content updates and application features available automatically
  • Easy content sharing and distribution

Intuitive image navigation and image manipulation features

  • Tilt rotate dissect real anatomical specimens
  • Focal zoom, image rotation
  • Export images  for presentations
  • Full screen viewing
  • Structure projection
  • Layer blending

Structure search and structure identification

  • Search structures
  • Label view

Manage exams and build quizzes using intuitive tools

  • Create “Multiple choice” or “Identify structure” type questions
  • Build and administer quizzes
  • Immediate student evaluation forms 
  • Export evaluation forms into Excel sheets
  • Use links to distribute quizzes

Edit multimedia syllabus

  • Create table of content or content units 
  • Share syllabus using links
  • Insert text, tables, images, videos or anatomical structure links into your syllabus
  • Embed presentations, videos