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How can I use 4D Anatomy Online?

Where can I browse dissection modules?

How can I identify structures in the modules?

How can I rotate tilt or dissect the specimens?

How do I solve quizzes?

How can I create questions and build quizzes? (Academic users only)

How can I view syllabus content?

How can I build syllabus?

Now, let’s take a look at some sleek ways to manipulate imagery!

How to embed prezis or videos?




How can I use 4D Anatomy Online?

  • 4D Anatomy Online is an interactive dissection simulation database and a state of the art education platform to study gross anatomy to build course syllabus, to develop quizzes and to administer them.
  • 4D Anatomy display the human body in a way never seen before. Interactive multidimensional photo reconstruction is a patented technology which allows users to interact and virtually dissect real specimens on their computers.
  • Being a browser based application regardless of location and the operating system 4D Anatomy Online is available everywhere and anytime.
  • Specimens can be rotated tilted and dissected layer by layer. Various image manipulation tools such as layer blending or mask projection help to reveal hidden anatomical structures study their orientation and relationship.
  • Structure tab and label view helps to search and identify anatomical structures.
  • Quizzing provides easy and intuitive tools to build and run quizzes and test students.
  • 4D Anatomy Online editing features allow developing course syllabus and provide state of the art platform for real time content sharing for faculty and students. Insert texts images embed videos or presentations.

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Where can I find the modules?

In order to select a module click on Start browsing module button. Available modules are categorized by region by name or by type. Latest module tab displays recently published content. Click on any thumbnails to initiate an interactive dissection.


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How can I identify structures in a modules?

Open any modules and/or click on “Structure” tab.  Available structures will appear in a list on the left. Browse available structure names or filter your search by entering name in the search field. Click on structure and click on any "solid" items (indicating structure masks). Click and guide feature will automatically navigate to the selected item. Hover your pointer over highlighted area to make labels visible.


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How can I rotate tilt or dissect specimens?

In order to rotate or tilt the specimen simply hover over the image window, press the left mouse button and move the mouse either vertical or horizontal directions. To dissect use the control arrows located at the lower left corner of the image windows or press the shift buttons on the keyboard when scrolling. Navigation help button is located at the right lower corner underneath the image window.


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How do I solve quizzes?

Each module has a quiz incorporated consisting random questions. Simply click on the ”Quiz” Tab above the image window and press “Start random quiz” button.

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How can I create questions and build quizzes?

In order to build quizzes you have to create questions that you can insert into quizzes. There are two types of questions you might create:

  1. "Single choice" question: you can create a question and add 1 true and 3 wrong answers
  2. "Identify structure" question: allows highlighting an anatomical structure and creating a single choices question regarding that. Important: You may only quiz a module by using such questions. Otherwise you may not use such questions of multiple simulation modules at a time in a single quiz. 

Let’s create a “Single-choice” type question!

Open a module and click on Quiz tab. Press the wheel sign and click on “Create new question”. Select “Single choice” and enter your question the right and wrong answers and click "Save" at the end.

Let’s create an “Identify structure” type question!

Open a module and click on the Quiz tab. Press the wheel sign in order to select edit functions. Click “Questions” and select “Create new question” command. Select "Identify structure" type question. Selected structure will appear as the right answer and 3 random wrong answers are generated as well. In case no wrong answers are generated enter text you wish to appear for wrong answers.

Now, let’s create a quiz! 

Open a module and advance to Quiz tab. Click on the edit wheel and select “Quizzes” command. Click on “Create new” command enter name for your quiz and then click “Save”. Now, click on edit wheel again and select “Questions” command. Available question will appear. Click on “Show” command next to questions. Check quiz where you want your question to be inserted into and then click “Save sets” command. Repeat above process as many times as many questions you created or as many question you want to insert into your quiz. 

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How can I view syllabus content?

4D Anatomy Online is an education platform, which enables single or academic users to built syllabus content. Content can be reviewed by clicking on various table items or multimedia elements in the syllabus tab.

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How can I build syllabus?

Building syllabus in 3 steps is as easy as possible. Remember 3 steps:

  1. Create “Table of content”
  2. Create “Contents”
  3. Link “Table of content” to “Content” and you are ready

Let’s create “Table of content”!

  • Simply click on the “Edit Table of Contents” command represented by the pencil in syllabus tab
  • Hit “Add new node” command
  • Enter a title in the “Name” field”
  • Select hierarchy position in “Parent” then click "Save"

Let’s create a new Syllabus content!

Click on the “Manage content” command 

Click on "Create new content" button

  • Enter text, insert images or embed videos presentations or structure links in edit panel
  • Press “Save” when done editing

Now let's see this in action


Inserting images

Create a new content or open an existing one to edit and click on the image button

  • In order to insert an image first click the Upload tab
  • Then choose file from your computer and press "Send it to the server" button"
  • Image info tab will appear.
  • Set image parameters such as width and length
  • then click “Ok”


In order to select already uploaded image:

  • Select “Image” icon to insert
  • Select “Image info” tab
  • Click “Browse server” command
  • Select any uploaded images
  • Click “Ok”


Let's link "Table of content" to "Content"!

  • Click on “Edit table of content” command in Syllabus tab and select content from dropdown list.
  • Click Save.

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Now, let’s take a look at some sleek ways to manipulate imagery!

4D Anatomy offers unique image manipulation tools to study structural relationships and orientations.

You can take a structure contour or mask and project it to various layers. Click on any names in “Structure” tab and select contour or mask. Don’t rotate the specimen at this stage just switch layers using inner or outer layer arrows or press the shift button on your keyboard while scrolling mouse wheel.

You can also select a layer at any stage of your dissection and blend it into another one or even bring it all the way up to the skin layer to study location and relationship of deep situated anatomical structure. This feature is especially helpful when reviewing anatomy prior to surgical procedures to plan trajectories and approaches. Now, let me show you how!

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Now, let’s see some advanced features

How to embed a prezi or a video?

  • Copy embed code onto clipboard.
  • Select Syllabus tab.
  • Create new or open existing content and press “Edit".
  • Click the "Source" button.
  • Paste embed code of prezi or video into the text field.
  • Press "Save". Your video or prezi will embed automatically. 

Embed prezi or video

See it in action

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