4D Anatomy Online is a cloud based, interactive, dissection-simulation resource and a state of the art education platform. We provide online access to actual human data in an interactive format as never seen before.

4D Anatomy offers a striking visual experience and reproduces detailed anatomical dissections. It enables students to understand and explore the intricate structural details of the human body and provides superior, interactive content that far surpasses other animation or illustration based applications.

4D Anatomy’s unique Imagery is based on photography and so provides the most authentic simulation environment to date. The application serves as an invaluable anatomical resource for students to practice dissections and complement their lab work. Doctors and surgeons find this a superb and convenient reference tool.

Unique image navigation and manipulation features allow tilting, rotating and dissecting real specimens peeling away anatomical layers representing the stages of dissections.

Quiz management features provide intuitive tools for students’ self-assessment and provides instant evaluation forms available in dissection or classrooms.

Content Management tools provide an intuitive platform for faculty to develop their own multimedia enhanced course syllabus.

Why did we create 4D Anatomy?

Anatomy is the cornerstone of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuous medical education. 

Today’s anatomy labs are crowded. In most instances 10-20 students are gathered to watch a master demonstrator teaching anatomy. Available time for students is greatly restricted allowing a limited opportunity to validate their knowledge. In addition cadaver tissue being a unique teaching material is becoming less and less accessible as whole body donations have decreased worldwide. The cost of cadaver storage and handling represents a huge financial burden on teaching institutions. More and more medical schools are looking for alternative tools of education to build competency in anatomy studies.

Other available interactive or semi interactive anatomy tools are all based on illustrative imagery such as drawings or animated computer models based on pre sliced cadavers. The anatomy content is dependent on the perspective of the creator rather than actual real photographs of dissections.

4D Anatomy Online brings the most authentic reconstruction experience of anatomy dissections to home computers and most commonly used devices and provides an invaluable simulation environment for medical studies.

Site licensing saves money, streamlines administrative and compliance processes, and improves teaching and learning. With IP based site licensing ­compatibility issues are eliminated ­ because everyone works on the same version of the application, leading to greater confidence with the technology. The site license also centralizes ­licensing administration and promotes better resource allocation.

We are committed to increase medical competencies by providing state of the art technology to facilitate anatomical and surgical education.