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4D Interactive Anatomy puts you in control of navigating through and learning from real photographic anatomy on any screen.

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FAQs & Tutorials

We have a comprehensive set of FAQs and Video Tutorials to help use the system.

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Future Additions

We are constantly adding new modules, labels and views and in the short term will be further enhancing and growing the quiz function. Pathology and specialty modules are also being planned.

Company & the 4D Project

Actual Images – Real Learning

At 4D Interactive Anatomy we believe there is a better way to deliver effective and engaging anatomy learning. A more valuable way, that combines traditional cadaver dissection with newer digital imaging technologies. That’s why we created our cloud-based virtual dissection platform. A stunning visual experience, this interactive anatomy software gives you 24 dissection modules to choose from, and an ever-expanding library of quality, high-res 3D images based on photographs of real human specimens. The 4th dimension (hence 4D) is the time elapsing during the hours taken to perform the dissection which you can scroll through in minutes

  • Developed using a patented scanning technique (NeuroArc TM) together with many hundreds of man hours of dissection time
  • Over 20 cadaver dissections to date with more modules in progress.
  • Future plans for pathology and specialist modules

Over 1 million images, 2,000 structure labels, and 0ver 20 real cadavers

All 4D Interactive Anatomy’s images are unique photographs of over 20 real cadavers covering both genders and all age groups.

We don’t use computer models, illustrations or drawings. You’ll see every intricate structural detail of a given specimen and experience virtual interactive dissection the way it really happens. This means no artistic interpretations intentional or otherwise of an artist, illustrator or 3D computer modeller.

What you see is 100 per cent authentic normal anatomy, variations, and pathologies, demonstrating the 3D structure of the human body, and the spatial relationships necessary to interpret imaging data.

Accuracy and reality are assured with 4D Interactive Anatomy. No other virtual learning resource gets you this close to the actual process with the same level of interactivity.

What people are saying…

The 4D Anatomy technology is a significant advancement in the area of virtual anatomy representing the next generation in both learning and research environments.

Dr. Robert Spetzler, Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, AZ, USA

You and your team have created a tremendous product for anatomy education. Very impressive. Your many years of hard work show. I can see the possibility of replacing standard cadaver anatomy (and all its inherent challenges) with 4D.

Professor of Anatomy, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University

There are many good tools for learning the theoretical part of Anatomy. The uniqueness of 4D Anatomy is that it is able to substitute dissection room practices, which are very limited. However, 4D is always available!

Zea Zemenszky, Medical Student- University of Debrecen