4D Interactive Anatomy -
better than being there

Dissect real specimens online.

Tilt, rotate and dissect specimens just like being in the lab.

24 modules quizzes and labels, over 1 million images.


Test your knowledge with over 2000 quiz questions  
Search for and explore over 2000 anatomical structures  
Rotate, peel away layers and highlight structures in 3D  
Discover real anatomy from 12 different specimens  
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  Build custom quizzes and export results
  Enhance students’ learning and retention in a 3D environment
  Export images for use in classwork, presentations or LMS
  Choose from Latin/English nomenclature
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Image navigation

Tilt or rotate specimen to any selected angles


Peel away layers of anatomy just as you would dissect


Test your knowledge


Study, using multimedia enhanced syllabus

Projecting and blending

Project contours or structure to the surface of the skin to plan for surgery

Labels and contours

Use labels to identify anatomic structures or contours to see their outline


Search for specific structure, syllabus and much more

Click & Guide

Use Click & Guide for automatic structure identification